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Siouxland is preparing for the upcoming cold weather


Parts of Siouxland haven't experienced temperatures this cold in nearly two decades.

With life threatening wind chills, a lot of people are buying up cold weather gear. And, local stores are seeing some empty shelves in their winter departments.

"We've got a lot of people that are coming in and just making sure that they have an extra pair of gloves and a stocking hat in their vehicle," said Joe Boyle, Bomgaars store manager. "Just to make sure that they're prepared if something were to happen and if they have to walk. Anything exposed in extremely cold temperatures can be frostbit very fast. Especially when you get down in to the -10 temperatures."

Boyle suggests having some sort of back up heat, like a small electric heater. It's something that you can fall back on in case your furnace were to stop working. And, don't forget about your animals, Boyle said extremely cold temperatures means they'll need more food.

"It takes a lot of energy for the animals to keep themselves warm," said Boyle. "So you'll notice that they eat more. So, just having plenty of food for them to eat and having a source of water for them that's not frozen is very important."

It's also smart to have a good pair of gloves. Boyle said the best gloves will have an insulation rating on the tag.

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