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Sioux Center, Iowa is working to give it's students a better STEM education


Sioux Center, Iowa is working to give it's students a better STEM education.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Sioux Center High School is one of four schools in Iowa to receive a 50-thousand dollar STEM grant.
The High School partnered with Dordt College to create a redesigned learning space and curriculum.

"We're assisting all for the district awardees as they redesign learning and that's going to include professional development for the instructors.  It'll include the physical space but it will also include establishing these powerful partners because STEM doesn't happen in an isolated classroom," said Kari Webb, NW Iowa Manager for STEM."

The grant has allowed Sioux Center High School to make a classroom that allows interactive learning.  

Dordt College also boasts a STEM classroom with multiple links to the online world.

"In Northwest Iowa, we have a very strong economy but it really depends on a highly skilled technical work force for the future and we want to grow that," said Kari Webb, NW Manager for STEM.

Webb says that they will probably see 40 to 50-thousand northwest Iowa students impacted by STEM programming this year alone.

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