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Consumer Alert: Scam targeting elderly in Nebraska

LAUREL, NE (US92/KTIV) - Siouxland law enforcement agencies are working to get the word out about A scam that is targeting the elderly.

The ongoing "grandparent's scam" was reported earlier this week in the City of Norfolk and other areas of Northeast Nebraska.

Captain Michael Bauer with the Norfolk Police said that scam usually involves an elderly citizen receiving a phone call or an e-mail from someone who identifies themselves as their grandchild.

Norfolk Police Captain Michael Bauer said "We had a local resident here, who actually received a phone call from someone claiming to be his grandson. Said he was in trouble and needed money and asked for money to be wired to him. When in fact it wasn't his grandson at all, it was a hoax to steal money from the grandparent."

One laurel Nebraska woman we spoke with received one of the suspicious calls Thursday.

A boy called saying he was her grandson and he had been arrested and needed 75-hundred dollars to get out.

There were several red flags including an officer asking her not to tell anyone about the transaction and for her to have the money in cash and they would pick it up from her home.

Still the woman out of fear for her grandson went to the bank for the money.

"The man said not to tell anyone just to go to my bank and get the money and he would be released on bail. So I went down to the bank because it sounded legal and sounded like my grandson drew." said one attempted victim.

Luckily, the bank also spotted the red flags.

They had her try to contact her grandson at home.

She found out he wasn't arrested, and she was spared from the scam.

If you think you've been a victim of such a scam, contact law enforcement.

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