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Proposal to improve intersection at Sergeant Road and South Lakeport


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV)- On Tuesday, talk of ways to improve the intersection at Sergeant Road and South Lakeport. For traffic flow, and safety purposes, a proposal is on the table to create a "left-turn only" lane going north and to modify the traffic signals.

The total cost of the project is more than 2 million dollars, but the city's engineering division plans to apply for a grant to help pay for the project. City council members are wondering if the traffic tie ups happen regularly, or just during the busy holiday shopping season.

"The volume of traffic probably is a great deal more in the month of December, but I do think it's not unique in itself in just the month of December because of you travel that road enough, there are people trying to squeeze one direction or another," said Pete Groetken, Sioux City City Council member. "There's just doesn't seem to be enough lanes to accommodate everybody."

The meeting for the capital improvement projects budget will wrap up next week. The final budget will be voted on on February 24th.

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