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Citizen questions Dakota County Sheriff after burglary investigation

The Dakota County, Nebraska sheriff's office is under fire. At Tuesday's county board of commissioners meeting, a business owner accused them of not doing enough following a burglary a year ago. Sheriff Chris Kleinberg claims his personnel followed proper procedure in the case, and even got a conviction.

Brenda Gabel asked commissioners if anything more could be done in her case. She says her family business, in Homer, Nebraska, was burglarized. She lost nearly $40,000. Gabel says the sheriff spent more time investigating her husband, who owns the business, than finding what she called "the real criminal."

"In so many words, they're not fond of the owner. They've heard accusations about him that they're taking for truth, and for that reason, they refuse to investigate the case," Brenda Gabel said.

Kleinberg says he feels badly that someone wasn't satisfied with the result of his investigation. But, he says, the department did everything it could, and even went beyond what's usually done in such cases.

"Unfortunately statistically, you know it's very hard type of case to solve. But, doesn't mean we won't do it. We'll keep working on it," Chris Kleinberg, Dakota County Sheriff.

The board did not take any action on Gabel's request for action.

Court documents show Nichole Jump was convicted of "unlawful theft by taking". A judge sentenced her to 105 days in jail, 24-months probation, and she has to repay the Gabels $800.
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