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Warren Buffett backs $1B NCAA bracket contest


(CNN) - Think you're pretty good at the NCAA brackets? Well get your game on.

Quicken loans is offering a billion-dollar prize for the basketball fan who submits the perfect bracket for this year's tournament.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett is the one actually betting the billion-dollars..

Buffett's company Berkshire Hathaway will pay out the prize. If there's a winner.

And that's a pretty big if.

That's because the odds of winning are even greater than winning MegaMillions are Powerball's top prize.

Math and science website orgtheory.net says there are more than nine-quintillion possible ways to fill out the 64-team bracket.

Those are pretty steep odds.

But Buffett says since the winners in the tournament aren't random. There's really no way to accurately calculate the actual odds of the perfect bracket.

Quicken will also pay out $100,000 to 20 contestants who score the best in the brackets.

So there's hope yet for a victory!

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