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Concerned neighbors speak up after recent shootings in Sioux City

Concerned neighbors voice their concerns. Concerned neighbors voice their concerns.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV)- Community members, on the west side of Sioux City, made their voices heard Thursday night, just two days after the city's latest deadly shooting.

Tuesday, a SWAT officer shot Felix Navarette while serving an warrant related to Saturday's fatal shooting on West 27th Street.

About 100 people on Sioux City's West Side went to Crescent Park School to voice their opinions and learn how they can make their community a safer place after the recent shootings. The meeting was hosted by the Neighborhood Network.

"We wanted to help calm them down some, and let them know, that yes the police have been involved in this neighborhood, that yes we are here to help," Sioux City Neighborhood Network President Rick Arnold said.

"I think it's always important for people to get together and communicate about what's going on in the neighborhood," Sioux City resident Brent Huldeen said.

Some neighbors who live on West 27th Street, where two shootings occurred in the past few months, said they were aware 507 West 27th was up to no good.

"We had called the police several different times for things that were going on. I would say our street is close, we talk over the back fence about that house's problems," West 27th Street Neighbor Kathryn Patterson said.

The Sioux City Police Department said they knew drugs were a problem in this home, but they need to have the evidence to build their case.

"If we're going to build a federal case, those take time. They do not happen, 'okay we know there's drugs there, we're going to arrest everybody,' because the idea is, if we did that, if we impacted that house, then that's all we're doing is impacting that house, but the whole goal is to constantly move it up," Investigative Services Bureau Captain with the Sioux City Police Department Lisa Claeys said.

And, the police department said they are always open to take calls and concerns from neighbors, which is why they're revitalizing their neighborhood watch program with a theme they're calling "Safety Up."

"Neighborhood watches are basically neighborhoods getting together and forming a watch, so that they look out for each other," Capt. Claeys said.

Many people at the meeting supported this initiative and West Siders encourage neighbors who know things to speak up.

"I would like them to be nosey neighbors. They need to be nosey neighbors," Patterson said.

Being this kind of neighbor could pay off in preventing future crimes.

Along with the neighborhood watch program, the police department also informed people about community team policing.

This allows officers to focus on certain districts of the city and gives communities a point-person at the police department.

The next Neighborhood Network meeting will be held on February 27 at 6:00 p.m. No location has been confirmed yet. 

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