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A fire at a Sioux City apartment complex forces residents out into the frigid morning temperatures

Courtesy: Glenn and Susan Ivarsen Courtesy: Glenn and Susan Ivarsen
KTIV Sports Anchor Nick Filipowski took this photo from his apartment window. KTIV Sports Anchor Nick Filipowski took this photo from his apartment window.

A shocking wakeup call for some residents as a fire tore through a building in the Glen Oaks Apartment complex in Sioux City early Monday morning.

"All of a sudden at 6 in the morning or so and the fire alarm went off and I'm walking around the building and I don't smell anything or see anything and no one is getting out. and so I go back and wake up my wife and I asked her should we wake up the kids, should we get them out? As soon as we said that, they were at our door and we had to get out and we didn't have much time to get anything at all," said Brandon Harvey, a Glen Oaks resident.

Brandon and his family made it out safely, as did the other residents in the building, but they didn't have enough time to grab warmer clothes to face the 12 below frigid temperatures.

"I don't have gloves and pants. I'm in pajamas."

When firefighters arrived at about 6:45, flames shot through the roof of the building at 3738 Glen Oaks Boulevard.

KTIV's Signal Hill Skycam, just a few blocks from the scene, captured smoke and flames billowing into the air.

Fire officials say the fire started on the second floor of the three story building, and they were able to get inside and attack it, but when they needed more water, two of the hydrants they tried to turn on, didn't work.

"At this time we haven't investigated the cause of the hydrant not working. There's always the possibility that it could have been frozen or was there a malfunction with the hydrant, i can't comment on that right now," said Mark Aesoph, Sioux City Fire Marshal.

The freezing cold made for very difficult conditions for firefighters.

City buses kept crews and vicims out of the elements.

"Rehabilitating our firefighters and keeping the victims warm is very important on a day like today. We rotate crews frequently," said Aesoph.

The runoff from the fire hoses flooded the streets making it very slushy and icy.

One firefighter was hurt while fighting the fire.

He fell three stories from a ladder.

He was taken to the hospital, but is expected to be ok.

The building had 24 units.

The fire, smoke, and water severely damaged 12 of the units.

The 12 other units on the other side of the building have minor smoke and water damage.

Fire officials are still investigating what started the fire.

Previous Story:

A large fire is burning at Glen Oaks Apartments in Sioux City. The fire was reported shortly before 7:00 a.m. Monday. Multiple fire crews were on the scene.

Fire crews were battling intense flames as well as subzero cold, which always presents a challenge as the water freezes and makes conditions very slick.

At a news conference, fire officials said one firefighter fell three stories off of a ladder. That firefighter was taken to the hospital but is expected to be released later today.

They said two hydrants weren't working at the scene.

All of the residents did get out with no injuries but 12 apartment units were damaged.

They said a fire wall blocked the 12 other units from being damaged at this time.

The Glen Oaks Apartments complex was also the scene of a big fire in October of 2010.

---KTIV Anchor Al Jones contributed to this story.

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