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Firefighters called back to Glen Oaks Apartments to extinguish hot spots


Tuesday afternoon, firefighters returned to the scene of Monday's massive fire at Sioux City's Glen Oaks Apartments.

They worked on putting out "hot spots" for more than an hour.

Officials said the fire caused the roof to collapse, which created areas that firefighters had a hard time reaching.

They used a ladder to put out the "hot spots" from above.

"The building right now is too unstable to actually send personnel to dig in to those hot spots to fully extinguish the fire from inside. So, we have to do the best we can from the outside until we can actually get the structure torn apart with some heavy equipment," Sioux City Fire Marshal Mark Aesoph said.

Aesoph said it's hard to predict if "hot spots" will keep flaring up in the next few days.

He added Glen Oaks is providing security for the building, which helps because they have someone who can keep an eye on the building if "hot spots" do pop up.

Aesoph said the investigation into the fire's cause will begin Friday.

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