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Sioux City Stockyards staple up for sale


In its heyday, Rhonda's Speak Easy was a popular watering hole for stockyards workers.

However, the area has undergone a major transformation during the past decade since the stockyards closed, and that's impacted business for owner Rhonda Capron.

"People are wanting a destination point, and that's what I've been for years, and years, and years. People are slowing down a little bit. You know, they're staying home longer, and they don't come out until 11 o'clock at night. The money's not there anymore," said Capron.

Capron said if no one buys the bar, Rhonda's Speak Easy will close when its liquor license expires July 14th.

Capron, who serves on Sioux City's City Council, says she's looking into starting her own senior care and companionship business.

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