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Court documents reveal more about Sac City cold case murder


SAC CITY, Iowa (KTIV) - New information has come forward on the cold case murder in Sac City, Iowa back in 2009.

That's when John Green says he killed Mark Koster.

Green is back in Iowa behind bars, and court documents have put more pieces of the puzzle together about the events of the murder on June 5th, 2009.

According to the documents, John Green admitted to killing and burying former roommate Mark Koster in the walls, then lived in the house for a few days before skipping town.

Fifty-four-year-old John Green was arrested last week in Orange Park, Florida by police officers from Sac City, Iowa in connection with the murder of then 58-year-old Koster.

In the criminal complaint, documenting details acquired in the police interview conducted in the Clay County, Florida jail, Green says on he and Koster were living together at 610 North 5th Street in Sac City, Iowa.

Green says Koster attacked him with a wooden baseball bat, hitting him in the shoulder.

Green then took the bat and struck Koster in the head, causing him to bleed. Koster fell to his back and Green got on top of him, choking Koster and crushing his throat for about two minutes.

He realized he had killed Koster and drug his body into the basement, cleaned up the residence, and left a note to make it appear that Koster had simply left town for a few days.

Green then stayed at the residence for two or three days, and left to return to Mississippi, where his father was living at the time.

Koster's body wasn't found until 2012, during a remodel of the home.

He was declared legally dead in 2011.

Police say Green was extradited from Florida to Iowa late Friday night, and that he hasn't fought any process by the legal system so far.

The Sac City police department, in partnership with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, will hold a press conference tomorrow morning to release more information surrounding the situation.

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