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USDA discusses renewable fuels


The rural development tour continued Monday in South Sioux City, Nebraska. A roundtable discussion, on bio-fuels, was hosted at the College Center.

The USDA representatives said they were impressed with how the Roth Industrial Park will be adding a new business that takes waste products and turn it into a renewable fuel.

As part of the renewable fuel discussion was the need for bio-fuels, like ethanol, and the USDA's continuing to support of the industry.

"The president, of course, and of course the USDA, are very committed to making sure that we have clean efficient energy for the next generations," said Lillian Salerno, Rural Business Services Administrator for USDA.

The Environmental Protection Agency recently proposed reducing the renewable fuel standard which helps the ethanol industry.

They have a comment period now open for those who would like to make their opinions known.

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