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Microsoft announces bug fixes for its popular Internet Explorer


(NBC News) Microsoft announced late last week a fix for the bug it found in Internet Explorer, versions six through eleven.

"That's the web browser that comes built in to every Microsoft operating system computer, so chances are if you don't download another browser like Chrome or Firefox or Safari, you're using Internet Explorer," said Dan Ackerman, Senior Editor at

Included in the fix are the users of Windows XP who were just told last month they were losing support from Microsoft because, at 12 years old, the XP operating system was way outdated..

And according to experts like Ackerman, probably your computer is, too.

"If you have a much older machine, one that's running Windows XP, if it came with that operating system it's probably a pretty old machine anyway, it might be near the end of its useful life," said Ackerman.

That's why he suggests looking at replacing hardware as well as software especially since both are more affordable these days.

"I think laptop and desktop prices have come way down so there are a lot of good reasons to get something that's a little more modern especially because we have new security threats and new dangers almost every day," said Ackerman.

He says computer companies want you to buy new every three years or so.

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