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Invasive species cling to boats

Before you take your boat out of one body of water and put it in another, make sure you aren't taking any unwelcome guests with you.

Conservation Officer Gary Sisco said that zebra mussels and watermilfoil will attach themselves to the underside of boats. He said it is important to make sure there are no mussels or long weeds attached to your boat after exiting the water in order to prevent contamination of other waters or infestation of fishing live wells.

"There's no transportation of live fish, so drain all the live wells and make sure that  before you put it in the next body of water, we're not transporting the mussels or the watermilfoil through live well water," said Sisco.

The problem is that once the mussels enter a body of water, they are there to stay. Make sure you dry out your boat to ensure if species did latch on, they won't be around for long.

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