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Siouxland kids make "Prayers for Pilger" banner


A group of Siouxland youngsters is letting those affected by the Pilger, Nebraska, tornado know that their thoughts and prayers are with the town.

The students at the Northern Hills Preschool in Norfolk, Nebraska, have put together a "Prayers for Pilger" banner.

The idea of the banner came from the kids at Northern Hills, and the banner features each students' hand print.

Page Schmidt with Northern Hills Preschool said, "Well the kids had a good idea. They wanted to do something to help out. They're too young to go and help clean up, so they wanted to do something for them."

The only fatality from the Pilger tornado, five-year-old Callista Dixon, was a former student at the preschool.

The school staff plan  to hang the banner in Pilger to show their support to the residents and volunteers as the cleanup effort continues.

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