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Some Siouxlanders breathe sigh of relief as water recedes


They spent the better part of the week preparing for the worst, and while some are now in clean-up mode, many in Siouxland are now breathing a sigh of relief.

This will probably bring back memories of the 2011 flood. A berm was built on top of River Drive to protect homes sitting near the Big Sioux River.

Even though the river has started to go down, neighbors say they've been told by the city that the berm will stay up until Monday as a precaution because of the thunderstorms expected this weekend.

"I think it's better to be safe than sorry. I'm glad they did it just in case something would have happened. It helps prevent any kind of damage, and people are saying it's a waste of time, but I think it's better that we did it and got prepared for it," said Laura Carley, Riverside Resident.

Meanwhile, city crews emptied out the storm water into the Big Sioux River Friday, while the flood gates remained closed. They expected those to reopen in the next day.

Residents in the McCook Lake neighborhood of North Sioux City, South Dakota spent all day Thursday preparing for the Big Sioux to come out of its banks, but Friday, they were hard at work putting all those sandbags back.

"Being prepared for it was better than them telling us 'Don't worry about it,' and then having a complete flood. This way, we were ready, and things worked out," said Tom Jacobs, McCook Lake Resident.

Some said it was a waste of time, but with memories of the Missouri River flood three years ago still in the backs of their minds, they said it was worth the peace of mind.

Of course, everyone is still keeping their eyes to the skies and hoping mother nature doesn't dump more rain on us this weekend.

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