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Mardi Gras "Krewe" celebrates in Sioux City


The Fourth of July holiday often means a chance to grill out, watch the fireworks and celebrate our independence.

But for the Krewe de Charlie Sioux it's also a chance to celebrate Mardi Gras.

The Twelfth Night Revelers always open up Mardi Gras celebrations in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

This week, the group is in Sioux City taking in the town and performing at a number of locations.

They're part of the Krewe de Charlie Sioux, a mix of Sioux City and Lake Charles residents who visit each other each year to celebrate Mardi Gras.

Krewe members from Sioux City visit Lake Charles each winter, and the Twelfth Night Revelers come to Sioux City each year around the Fourth of July.

"We go to all your sights here, and when we come here, we notice that Lake Charles and Sioux City are so much alike," said Wanda Duran. "We dance, we holler, we holler at people, and we just have a wonderful time."

The reason for the partnership is that Sioux City and Lake Charles are sister cities.

The Twelfth Night Revelers will dance in the Big Parade and the Gala Thursday evening.


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