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Norfolk students have a bash raising money for Pilger


A group of Siouxland teenagers showed off their muscles while raising money for the ongoing storm relief efforts in Pilger, NE.

Norfolk's Key Club, a service organization comprised of students from all three high schools, held a Car Bash Thursday evening in Norfolk's Shopko parking lot.

Several students and a few parents took part in destroying an old Chevy Lumina, donated to the group by Norfolk GM Autocenter.

Key Club's Vice President says the group recognizes how close Norfolk was to the tornado activity last month.

Michaela Heimes-Key Club VP said, "It easily could have been us. We would want the help, and we wanted to be the ones help them."

Norfolk is less than 20 miles east of Pilger, where twin tornadoes destroyed 75 percent of the village on June 16th.

The Key Club raised nearly 250 dollars during the first hour of the Car Bash, with all the proceeds from the fundraiser going to the Pilger Disaster Relief Fund.

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