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232 Survivor uses anniversary weekend to answer lifelong questions


The weekend-long events commemorating the crash of Flight 232 were about togetherness and remembrance for many, as they reflected on the devastation of that day.

But for one woman, it was about coming to Sioux City for the first time, and answering questions she's had for 25 years.

"Coming here has just been like another chapter in what happened to me, because I'm learning from nurses who took care of me, who've said, 'Lauren, I have prayed for you ever since you left that hospital bed. You weren't supposed to live.'"

Lauren Marsh was six years old when Flight 232 crashed, killing her mother and grandmother. When she was sent back home she had almost no memory of the events, or those who helped her.

"I don't have my mom or grandma to be curious with me. It's, you know, it's awesome to find out stuff that I've wanted forever."

Lauren said she would secretly search the internet for clues about the crash, hungry with the questions of her six-year-old self, yet sensitive to the emotions her curiosity stirred in her loved ones.

"I don't necessarily want to talk to my family about it, because I know how hard it is for them to deal with. So I just looked into it more, and I found this three-day event that was happening, and I just felt called to it."

Upon arriving in Sioux City, Lauren said it was awkward at first, as she established with other survivors that she was on the plane, too. But then, the memories came back.

"There's a connection. And before, I was missing that connection. My heart was missing it. Because, you know, there was no one in Rhode Island that was here, or lived through it."

Now, Lauren has reconnected with her nurses, her social worker, even the man that saved her on that fateful afternoon in 1989.

"They remember me. It's hard to deal with, but it's amazing."

While true closure may never come out of the crash that changed her life forever, Lauren says at least now, she's got the companionship of those who braved that day with her, to carry through life.

"It's amazing, because these people all remember what I've always wanted to know. It's going to help me move forward, because I know I can always come back.


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