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RAGBRAI 2014: Riders arrive in Emmetsburg

EMMETSBURG, Iowa (KTIV) - Heat and humidity are just a part of summer in Siouxland. So is RAGBRAI.

However, when the Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa feels the heat, the cyclists have to find ways to cope. Monday's ride, from Okoboji to Emmetsburg, offered some options to beat the heat.

It's a hot and sticky trek, but for many people, getting up early made all the difference.

"It was a nice day, perfect weather," said Robert King from Urbandale, Iowa. "It got hot, it went from 65 degrees when I started to about 84 degrees when I got here at about 9:15; but, so what, it's a nice day."

Day two's 40 mile journey from Okoboji to Emmetsburg wasn't all down hill. Those who beat the heat were still fighting against strong winds.
"The weather's been gorgeous since we started. Except there is a 20 mile wind out of the southeast, which was usually in your face or across, so we'll be riding at 18 or 19 MPH, but instead we're doing 15 or 16 MPH, so it was tough stuff," said Rolf Knoll, RAGBRAI rider from Hartford, Connecticut. "It helps with it not getting hot, but it certainly slows you down."

Riders say biking when you're out of energy can be a miserable experience. That's why they say it's important to stay hydrated and fueled.

"Keep drinking the whole ride," said Randy Cooper from Houston, TX. "By the time you feel thirsty, it's too late you're already dehydrated. So keep taking in water before you ride, during the ride and after the ride."

"When you run out of energy your cooked, you're done, you're just dead on your bike," said Knoll.

"Stop and find something to eat something with some sugar in it," said King.

With countless lemonade stands along the way, it's easy to get a quick sugar fix.

"So that the riders can have some ice cold lemonade," said Valerie Kathman from Emmetsburg, IA. "Because it's really hot and I bet it's really hot for them trying to ride around Iowa."

Now that they've made it to Emmetsburg, it's time for a little fun and some R and R before their 80 mile trek to Forest City on Tuesday.
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