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Argosy Casino owner replies to motions made by SCE, MHRD


Tuesday in the ongoing legal battle to keep Sioux City's Argosy Casino afloat the operator, Belle of Sioux City, replied to Monday's motions from two parties to deny the Argosy's stay.

The riverboat casino will remain open as parties are waiting on the Iowa Supreme Court to decide if they'll take up the case.

Monday, Missouri River Historical Development, that's the floating casino's former non-profit partner, and the Sioux City Entertainment filed motions resisting the stay on the boats closing and their appeal to the court.

Tuesday's reply by Belle states that they have a valid appeal and lists instances when they feel they were treated unfairly in the process which led to their loss in license.

Belle says the court should allow their stay until their appeal is resolved.

When asked about the possibility of both casinos being operation on August 1st, a representative for the IRGC says that it would be completely in the Iowa Supreme Courts hands.

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