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Stanton, NE tornado victim shares her story of survival, recovery


Four kids are still alive after their daycare provider used her body to shield them from a tornado back in June. The home they were in took a direct hit; and now almost two months later, that daycare provider is working to get her life and home back.

"I used to love to listen to thunderstorms, but not anymore, they are scary now," said Amy Kremlacek from Stanton, Nebraska.

Amy Kremlacek was working at her in-home daycare in Stanton, Nebraska when she heard the tornado sirens go off on June 16th. Amy took her son, husband and four daycare children into the basement, and in an instant, her home was gone.

I'm just nervous of having somebody else's child safety in my hands and if that was happening again. It's scary we had actually practiced the tornado drill a week before. So they knew what to do," said Amy.

Visiting the place where her home use to stand, Amy remembers all the good times she's had with her family.

"And we will always have those memories," said Amy.

Amy said her family misses the farm house, but they're looking forward to creating more memories at their new home.

"I tell everybody that physically I'm okay. Emotionally not so good yet, but I'm getting there and I think in one year we will be living a normal everyday life, but it'll still be there in my mind of what happened. I'm coming out here and not seeing that house that we thought we'd be in the rest of our lives... it's gone," said Amy.

Amy said her family hopes to move into their new home something this fall. In the new home will still be part of their old home... door frames the family was able to rescue from the ruble.


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