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Cool weather gives livestock producers a break


Keith Rohwer has been farming corn and soybeans and producing livestock for more than 30 years.

During that time, Rohwer says he can't recall a summer that's been better for farming.

"The overall conditions have been very favorable for crop growth, which has allowed for more potential yield," said Keith Rohwer, an Iowa farmer.

While the expected record amount of crops has resulted in less demand, and in turn, lower prices, farmers that also produce livestock are reaping the benefits.

So for end users like livestock or ethanol, it has been a good thing," said Rohwer. "It's allowed them to purchase cheaper feed and grains."

Mother nature has not only helped farmers produce a record amount of crops, but farmers say the cooler summer temperatures are also helping them grow their bottom line.

Usually by this time we have to set up a sprinkler system,” said Robert Butcher, a Holstein, Iowa farmer. On those hot summer afternoons, the cattle get pretty warm. At this point, not only have we not turned them on, but we haven't even taken them out," he added.

The cooler temperatures are also helping livestock gain weight faster, allowing producers to move them to market in a more timely fashion.

"On a 100 degree day, they would just try to stay cool, and on a 75 degree day they're able to just relax and enjoy buffet line," said Rohwer.

If the near perfect summer conditions continue, you better believe these farmers will be singing in the rain.


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