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LAW REVIEW: Making sense of Iowa's medical marijuana law


Marijuana has been in the headlines a lot lately. From legalizing marijuana in Colorado and Washington... to laws about medical marijuana use. One viewer wanted to know how Iowa's law different from the law in other states?

The new law is called the Medical Cannabidiol Act. "It is not a medical marijuana law in the way you usually think about medical marijuana," said Jeana Goosmann, Goosmann Law Firm. "It only pertains to one extract from the marijuana plant, cannabidiol. It is different from places like Colorado which permit the purchase, possession, and use of the actual marijuana drug. This law does not."

What is Iowa's law designed to protect? "The law is very limited," Goosmann said. "It only protects against the possession of cannabidiol, sometimes referred to as cannabis oil. The purpose of the law is to allow people with chronic epilepsy and that have not had success with conventional drugs to obtain cannabidiol for relief. To safely possess the oil, however, they need to get a neurologist to recommend the drug and they need to obtain a registration card from Iowa permitting the possession and use of the oil."

Does this mean people can grow, or maintain, marijuana at home? "No, it does not," Goosmann said. "For the most part, the laws against marijuana are unchanged. This law only allows you to possess and use cannabidiol, and you can only do so if you meet the requirements previously mentioned. Also, this law does not permit the oil to be made in state or purchased in state. It simply protects you from penalties for the possession of cannabidiol you purchased while out of state."

So, how does this law affect drug testing policies at work? "Drug policies at work are going unchanged," Goosmann said. "You will still have to conform to your employer's policy. If you violate your employer's policy, you are likely to get in trouble. However, work policies might change now that the law is passed."

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