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Sioux City Council approves major housing project


Sioux City is on the verge of building one of the largest housing projects in recent history.

On Monday, the Sioux City City Council approved a project that's expected to add nearly 300 homes next to Whispering Creek Golf Course.

The 229-acre property is located along Glen Ellen Road and Old Highway 141.

The property's owner, Brian Peterson, says now is the right time to build.

"We are following an agricultural boom and a low cost of energy boom that's driving economic development, that's driving the need for more residential homes," said Brian Peterson.

Even some local residents, who will be impacted by daily construction, say they approve of the project.

"It's a very good place for Sioux City to grow," said Randy Coulson, a Sioux City resident. "We've got the interstate, we've got highway 20, and we've got easy access to the malls, quick access to downtown and the hospital."

The first homes should be built sometime next year.

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