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Local leaders take the "Ice Bucket Challenge" to raise funds, awareness of ALS


Politics can be a pretty hot topic. Tuesday, Sioux City leaders found a charitable way to stay cool with the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge."

Start with ice. Lots of ice! Add water and you're ready to take the "Ice Bucket Challenge". "Hy-Vee likes to support the local community, as well as, national charities like ALS," said Dawson Deming, Southern Hills Hy-Vee Assistant Store Manager. The Southern Hills Hy-Vee was happy to host the challenge, which was put to the Sioux City City Council by KTIV's Station Manager Bridget Breen. "I'm excited," said Rhonda Capron, City Council Member. "It's hot out here, you guys! I brought a towel, and everything. I'm ready!"

It's good fun for a good cause. "We need to bring an awareness to the community," said Dan Moore, City Council Member. "We need to do the donations, and the fundraising. But, more importantly, we need to improve people's lives."

Jim Staber knows how important it is to raise awareness, and money, for ALS research. My wife came down with, was diagnosed with, ALS in April of 2011," said Jim Staber, Staber Meats. "She passed away January 1st of this year, 2014." For Jim, those years were tough. "Your brain neurons quit talking to your muscles," said Jim Staber, Staber Meats. "So, any voluntary muscle that you have in your body will quit working." But, it's not just a cure Jim wants, it's money to help those still fighting the disease. "Wheelchairs, walkers, speech communication devices," said Jim Staber, Staber Meats. "It's all important. And, the ALS Society provides all of that for all those people with ALS."

With a pledge of $5,000, and a promise to match that much if the community can raise it, it was time for Jim to get wet. Four buckets were filled to the brim, then dumped over his head. "Cold," said Jim Staber, Staber Meats. "But, well worth it."

After he dried off, Jim Staber challenged Iowa Hawkeye head football coach Kirk Ferentz, and the Hawkeye offensive line. His wife, Rita, died right after the Hawkeyes played in the Outback Bowl, on New Year's Day.

Including Staber's $5,000 donation, Tuesday's event raised $7,341.

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