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ISIS Militants appear to have taken their first American victim

(NBC News) -

The ISIS militants who've terrorized Iraq appear to have killed their first American victim.

The group released a horrifying video showing the execution of James Foley - a journalist kidnapped in Syria back in 2012.

James Foley's whereabouts were unknown until this video was released.

Islamist militants released this photo along with a graphic video of the apparent beheading of American photojournalist.

They threatened to kill another kidnapped American newsman unless the United States pulls out of Iraq.

Foley disappeared in Syria on thanksgiving 2012 ...

Last year, his mother made an emotional appeal for his return: "So we just ask his captors to recognize his innocence. [P]lease have mercy and let him be free," said Foley's Mother.

The United States says it won't give in to terrorist demands. "Most immediately they want to halt the airstrikes, but that simply is not going to happen," said Rep. Adam Schiff, (D) California.

Foley was committed to front-line journalism in world hot spots.

Even after being held hostage for forty-four days while covering the civil war in Libya.

In his native New Hampshire, shock and sadness. "He is just an innocent person here and it just makes you wonder what this world is really, really like," said Ann Smith, James Foley's Neighbor.

Today, James Foley's family is mourning his loss, but also expressing pride.

Saying he gave his life while trying to show the suffering of the Syrian people to the world.

Brian Mooar, NBC News.

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