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Heineman warns Nebraskans to be prepared for disasters


Whether its flooding, or tornadoes, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman is looking for the state to be prepared. So, he's declared September is Nebraska Preparedness Month.

"Emergencies and natural disasters have tested the fabric of our state and our country," said Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman.

Severe weather during the spring and summer devastated the lives of many Nebraska's. Tornadoes, straight line winds and flooding caused significant damage throughout the state. Although many homes were lost, many lives were saved because people were prepared.

"During Nebraska Preparedness Month we renew our commitment to promoting emergency preparedness in home, businesses and communities and to building a Nebraska that is more ready and resilient than ever before," said Governor Heineman.

There are three basic steps when it comes to being prepared. Step one, be informed.

"Think about what types of disasters you may have to face, and learn what protective measures to take before, during and after an emergency," said Governor Heineman.

Step two, make a plan.

"Develop a family communications plan and sit down with your whole family and think through different emergency situations," said Governor Heineman.

Step three, build an emergency kit.

"No matter what the disaster, you'll need to have food, water and essential supplies," said Governor Heineman.

Disaster relief experts said it's smart to keep your items together in a kit that's dedicated for emergency use only; and, store it in a place where it's easy to grab and go.

"Have those items readily available. You know, a weather radio is a great item to have in the event of bad weather," said NEMA Assistant Director Bryan Tuma. "Get together those items that you use on a daily basis."

Experts also suggest keeping a list of all your current medications, dosage information and any life-threatening allergies.

"Together we've been through tornadoes, wild fires, flooding, ice storms, flu and food-born illness outbreaks," said Nebraska Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joseph Acierno. "Even small steps can make a big difference if a disaster strikes."

Steps that we can all follow to be a little more prepared incase of a natural emergency. Nebraska has also set up a few website to help your family. Click on the links inside this story for games and tips on how to plan for an emergency.

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