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HEART HEALTH: Delving into deep vein thrombosis


Julie, from North Sioux City, asks, 'I do a lot of driving with my job. I am worried about Deep Vein Thrombosis. Am I at risk?'"

A lot of people drive long hours for work including truck drivers. "They are at risk for several reasons," said Artang. "One is when you are sitting, there is less circulation of blood in your legs which places you at risk of having blood clots there. The other is sitting many hours daily as any other sitting job is not healthy for the body because you are not moving around and therefore using very little calories as compared to the amount you are eating, this can cause high blood pressure and obesity and finally for people on the road the choice of what you can eat for lunch or dinner is sometimes limited and you end up having a dry pizza or hotdog, and this adds to both obesity and high cholesterol and high blood pressure."

"So what do you suggest for Julie." Matt Breen asked. "One simple thing many drivers can do out there If they are on the road long hours is compression stockings that will help the blood circulation in the legs," Artang said. "The other thing is to get out of the car/truck every one to 2 hours of driving and stretch your legs and then walk fast for 5-10 minutes to get the circulation going. As for the diet prepare your food from home, or plan ahead where to stop where there are healthy choices."

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