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HEART HEALTH: Is there a link between statin use and diabetes?


Mike from Sioux City asked, "I've read were statin drugs could raise the risk of developing diabetes. Is there any connection?"

There is a slightly higher risk of developing diabetes for patients on statins according to Dr. Ramin Artang, Mercy Cardiology. "But you need to understand that risk is very little. So this should not alarm people who are taking statins to stop taking their medicine. The reason is the benefit that will get from statins far outweighs the small risk of developing diabetes. A study looking at 91,000 patients on statins showed that of 255 patients who took statins for 4 years only 1 developed diabetes , that tells you how low the risk is. On the other hand it is important for everyone to understand not everyone with high cholesterol needs to be on a statin. There are other risk factors needs to be considered before placing a person on a statin. An example is a young lady in their 30-40s with high cholesterol and no other risk factors such high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking or family history of heart disease, she does not need to be on statin."

The use of meth has escalated in recent years, and the impact is far-reaching. But, what effect does meth use have on your heart? "From a heart standpoint, it has several impact on the heart, including accelerate aging of the heart, heart rhythm disorders and heart attack," said Artang. "So, the heart of a meth user at the age of 30 looks like a 60 or 70-year-old. One of the most common causes of the heart attack in young people is use of meth."

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