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HEART HEALTH: Heart surgery options in Sioux City


Heart surgeries have become commonplace in Sioux City since the first procedures were done nearly 30 years ago.

Dr. Tayfun Gurbuz joined Mercy Cardiology in February of 2013. Since then, he has performed many heart surgeries. "We have performed more than 200 open heart procedures," said Dr. Gurbuz. "As you know we are dealing with serious heart conditions that sometimes can be deadly. National average for death associated with open heart surgery is about 3.5% and our average since February of 2013 is less than 1%. Thanks to our experienced staff in the operating room as well as our nurses in the intensive care unit who take care of our patients once the surgery is done."

There are several types of heart surgeries that can be performed locally. "The most common heart disease is blockage of the coronary arteries," said Dr. Gurbuz. "Our cardiology colleague have excellent results with using stents to treat majority of these patients, but in about one or two out ten cases the extend of the disease is too much to fix with stents although it may be possible, some patients do better long term by having a bypass surgery instead of multiple stent placements."

Bypass surgery is one kin of heart surgery that can be done in Sioux City. "Let's look at the anatomy of the heart," said Dr. Gurbuz. "If there are blockages of coronary arteries here and here, we can take a graft often taken from a vein or artery and placed it here and in that way bypassing the blocked area and that's why its called bypass surgery. An average a person may need 3 bypass grafts, but it can be up to 5 to 6 bypass grafts if necessary."

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