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HEART HEALTH: Minimally-invasive heart surgery


Heart surgery can be done in several ways. Many can be done without cracking open a patient's chest.

There are minimally-invasive procedures done in Sioux City. "If a patient only has a single valve disease such as the mitral valve or aortic valve without blockages on the coronary arteries, we do minimally invasive valve replacement surgery through a two-inch wide scar from the right side of the chest," said Dr. Tayfun Gurbuz, Mercy Cardiologist.

In some occasions, the patient may only need a single bypass surgery, so doctors can also do minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery as well besides the valve replacement surgery. "So far we have done 30 some minimally invasive valve replacements surgeries and 2 by pass surgeries and everyone without exception has done very well," Gurbuz said.

Can a patient request a minimally invasive surgery, and nothing else? "Yes the patient can do that and they have done that," said Dr. Ramin Artang, Mercy Cardiology. "Bottom line is that we want our patients to do well and have good long term effect of the surgery. So it is our job to guide and educate them. If there are multiple things wrong with the heart such as blockage of vessels and one or two valve disease, then the old fashion open heart surgery is still a better option."

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