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Transmitter trouble moves KTIV signal to KCAU 9.2

One of the crewman working to fix KTIV's broken transmission line on the 2,000 foot tower. He's about 50-60 feet up. One of the crewman working to fix KTIV's broken transmission line on the 2,000 foot tower. He's about 50-60 feet up.
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UPDATED 1:08 p.m. Saturday, November 8: 

KTIV Television's main transmitter has been experiencing technical difficulties and in order to keep KTIV's main NBC channel on the air, local ABC affiliate KCAU ABC9 has agreed to broadcast KTIV on their LiveWell network, channel 9.2. This change will not affect CableOne subscribers.

KTIV Television, Sioux City, IA, has been experiencing difficulties with its broadcast tower east of Hinton, Iowa since Friday morning. KTIV broadcasts NBC on 4.1, Siouxland's CW on 4.2 and Me-TV Siouxland on 4.3.

Engineers from KTIV and its parent company, Quincy Newspapers, and additional tower crews are working as quickly as possible to repair the transmitter, but it could be days before the signal is fully restored.

"We are truly grateful for the support of KCAU during a very difficult and challenging time," said KTIV Station Manager, Bridget Breen. "We understand our customers are frustrated as well by this situation and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We appreciate KCAU's assistance and we are working aggressively to fix this issue."

“We are all broadcasters," said KCAU TV General Manager, John Curry. "We have to stick together. When a fellow broadcaster is in need we all share the same interest and that is to serve the public.”

Updated at 11:45 a.m. Saturday, November 8:

KCAU is now broadcasting KTIV/NBC's signal on their LiveWell network. For over the air users it's 9.2.

KTIV's Station Manager Bridget Breen said, "Thanks to KCAU General Manager John Curry and Engineer George Murphy, KTIV is now being broadcast on their LiveWell network. This does not affect CableOne subscribers."

We will update this story and continue to appreciate your patience. 

Previous story: 

KTIV is experiencing technical difficulties with our signal for KTIV/NBC, the Siouxland CW and METV.

Viewers who use antennas and some cable providers to watch KTIV Channel 4, might have noticed the signal fading in and out or not there at all.

Our engineers are aggressively working to resolve the issue and additional resources have been called in to resolve the interruption in programming.

KTIV's Chief Engineer, Richard Herr said KTIV's TV transmitter has an ongoing issue. 

Viewers can expect interruptions or no signal as repairs are being made. 

At this time, we have no estimated time for how long the repairs will take. 

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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