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DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION? FAQs regarding KTIV's antenna

KTIV's broadcast tower. KTIV's broadcast tower.

What is the current status on repairs to KTIV's 2,000 foot tower?

Weather conditions have improved and ice came off of our tower, allowing crews to go up and put up a new antenna. We've now gone from a side-mounted to top-mounted antenna, which gives us farther broadcast range and ability to reach more viewers. This level is similar to our broadcast ability that we had before the burnout of our transmission line on November 7, 2014. However, we will continue to broadcast at a lower power for several weeks while we work to complete repairs to our transmission line. Crews remain on site monitoring the signal, but viewers should expect an improvement in their service.

What's going on with KTIV's antenna?

KTIV's tower located east of Hinton, Iowa has been under repairs due to problems with the transmission line which travels from the tower building up 2,000 feet to the antenna on top. In order for KTIV to broadcast its signal, Sioux City TV station KCAU ABC9 has allowed us to take over their LiveWell station, KCAU 9.2 where we will broadcast KTIV's main NBC channel. Since this process began we were able to install a temporary side-mounted antenna on our tower that allows us to broadcast the KTIV signal including KTIV 4.1, 4.2 CW and 4.3 Me-TV to a limited portion of our viewing audience over the air. Several area cable operators have been able to reinstate KTIV programming, but your particular cable system may be different than others. CableOne subscribers have not be affected by this loss of signal as KTIV has a direct program feed to CableOne that doesn't require use of our over the air signal.

So if I'm a CableOne subscriber this issue shouldn't affect me getting my KTIV channels?

That's right. KTIV/NBC, Siouxland's CW and Me-TV Siouxland are still operational on their respective CableOne channels.

I'm a subscriber of a different cable system or I have satellite. How does this affect me?

Depending on your provider, you may see KTIV's NBC channel on either its regular channel or on the channel dedicated to KCAUDT2 or LiveWell (KCAU 9.2) channel on your lineup. Many cable operators have been able to reinstall all or a portion of our channels. We are also working with satellite providers to keep KTIV's signal on those systems.

How will I know if the repairs are done and KTIV has switched back to regular broadcasting?

Please follow updates on, Facebook and Twitter. You can also go to and subscribe to our Programming Text Alerts at We will send regular messages via all of these platforms to keep our viewers informed as best we can with the latest information.

Will KTIV's newscasts be available online?

Yes, we will be live streaming our newscasts so you can watch them on Just log on at the regular time periods for KTIV News 4 Today, Noon, Live at Five, Six or Ten to watch our newscasts live via our website.

I missed some of my favorite shows due to this. Will KTIV rebroadcast them or can I find them somewhere else?

Due to licensing rights, we are not able to rebroadcast any programming that was missed. We still want you to see your favorite shows, so you can watch them online. Go to and click on "FULL EPISODES" to find a list of current NBC programs available. For the CW Network you can go to and click on "SHOWS."

Thanks again for your patience. Please understand that if we could have everything back to normal today, we would. We want to be back up to full power again as quickly as possible and please keep in mind we have done and are doing everything we can to make that happen. Thanks for being a loyal KTIV viewer.

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