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HEART HEALTH: A lot of us live busy lives, and sometimes we miss a meal but is that bad for your heart?


Ann, from South Sioux City, asked, "Does skipping breakfast harm your heart?"

"I need to admit that I am not a dietitian, but based on what I know, there is no direct harmful relation between skipping breakfast and heart disease," said Dr. Ramin Artang, Mercy Cardiology. "They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not eating breakfast would probably cause you to be very hungry by mid day and then tendency to eat unhealthy choice when the lunch time comes. My personal recommendation is do not skip breakfast eat something that gives you good amount of nutrition, proteins, slow carbohydrate, and fiber, plenty of water to begin the day as all of us are dehydrated when we wake up in the morning. Some people go with all fruit breakfast which sounds excellent particularly for weight loss as fruits I general have very low calories. And again, hydrate well with water in the morning, even if you don't feel hungry for a breakfast."

Chris, from Le Mars, asked, "Does eating eggs increase your cholesterol?"

"The eggs are reach in cholesterol but you everyone gets high cholesterol by eating moderate amount of eggs," said Artang. "The studies have shown when people eat 4 eggs per week or less their cholesterol does not increase. The dietary recommendation for daily cholesterol intake is 300 mg for healthy person and less than 200 mg per day for people with cardiovascular disease. One egg has 186 mg of cholesterol. So eating one egg daily if you like it, as long as you are not getting bunch of other cholesterol from other food sources is fine. In fact egg does not make you fat and provides high amount of protein and keeps you filled for long period of time. All the cholesterol is in the yolk so you can eat the egg white and get all the protein without concern about the cholesterol. Speaking of healthy breakfast, a boiled egg or egg white is an excellent item to consider. And did I mention to hydrate well. Drink plenty of water."

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