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Answers to the Online Holiday Quiz

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If you want to take the Online Holiday Quiz follow the link here:

If you want the answers, read below.

Which of these is one of Buddy's favorite foods in 'Elf'?

C. Syrup

Which novel inspired the Tim Allen movie 'Christmas with the Kranks'?

B. Skipping Christmas

Which character does Tom Hanks NOT portray in 'The Polar Express'?

C. Head Elf

Where and when did the custom of having and decorating Christmas trees originate?

B. Riga, Latvia 1510

What happened in England for the last time in 1960?

B. The Post Office delivered letters on Christmas Day

Which American President banned Christmas trees in the White House?

B. Theodore Roosevelt

Which of Santa's reindeer is named after another animal?

D. Vixen

Which Christmas song holds the credit as the most-selling Christmas single of all time?

D. White Christmas

What are the popular Christmas colors after red and green?

C. Silver and Gold

How many Christmas cards, on an average, are sent in the US each year?

D. 3 billion

How long does Hanukkah last?

C. 8 Days

When is the Menorah lit?

B. After Sunset
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