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Woodbury County department finds possible breach of privacy


A Woodbury County department found a possible breach in personal privacy involving its invoices.

The county board held a meeting Thursday to discuss whether there was an actual violation.

The Woodbury County supervisors spoke today about a possible breach of information that was brought up by the social services department.

The department says invoices may have included information not allowed to be released under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

The information would include personal identifiable information combined with personal health information.

"In this case we don't have social security numbers that are involved," said Woodbury County Human Resource Director Ed Gilliland. "We know that for a fact. We don't have addresses involved so we don't see that there's too much potential."

Gilliland says lawyers have not found a breach at this point.

The county will be reviewing more than 3,600 pages of listed invoices from over the last five years.

County supervisors say they are not concerned that any errors will be found.

"Thank goodness we found out that we didn't make a mistake," said Woodbury County Supervisor Larry Clausen. "But like I said, we will tighten things up a little bit more and we're in good shape."

If any breaches are found, the county can be fined anywhere from $100 to $50,000.

The county hopes to have its review completed by the end of January.

Until then, they have removed all the invoices that are public from their website.

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