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TransCanada officials are optimistic the Keystone XL route will be approved

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The Nebraska Supreme Court's decision on the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline could come as early as Friday, and officials from TransCanada say they're confident the decision to allow their pipeline to be built through Nebraska will be upheld. 

TransCanada sent a letter to landowners along the pipeline's proposed route this week, updating them on where the process stands. Keystone Pipeline President Corey Goulet says he remains optimistic that the Keystone XL's route will end up being approved regardless of what the Supreme Court decides.

Corey Goblet, TransCanada Keystone President said, “With the midterm election results, the Republicans have talked lots about pushing through a legislative solution in the new year as well. So one way or another I expect that we'll have a positive decision next year."

The current route goes through Holt, Antelope, Boone and Nance Counties on its way to refineries on the Gulf Coast. Pipeline Land Manager Andrew Craig says Nebraska landowners have raised a number of concerns about how well their land would be restored if the Pipeline goes through their backyard. He says they wouldn't even know it's there.

Andrew Craig, Pipeline Land Manager said, “We have an operating Keystone Pipeline in Eastern Nebraska. It's hard to find. If you're driving down a road, if not for the pipeline marker on the roadside, you wouldn't know it's there."

TransCanada officials reiterated their stance that the pipeline would be an economic boost both locally and nationally and that it would be the most environmentally safe pipeline ever built.

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