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UPDATE: Sioux City police officer talks about being shot in the line of duty

SCPD officer Jill Ohm is talking about her experience getting shot in the face in the line of duty. SCPD officer Jill Ohm is talking about her experience getting shot in the face in the line of duty.

More than three months after she was shot while responding to a routine call on duty Sioux City Police Officer Jill Ohm is speaking out about the day that changed her life.

It was October 3rd, 2014, when Ohm got the call for a "suicidal subject" at 1623 West 3rd Street. Ohm was only a few blocks away, and arrived before any other officer.

She chose to wait for back-up before investigating, but was soon confronted by 27-year-old Noah Ironshell, who was armed with a gun. She was shot in the chin. Recovery took months.

"How are you doing?" asked Matt Breen. "I'm doing good especially now that I'm back to work," said Jill Ohm, Sioux City Police Department.

"Does it feel different than it did before?" asked Breen. "I don't know if it feels different," Ohm said. "But, right now, especially my senses are a little bit more heightened I'd say." Her senses became more acute after October 3rd. "How did the day start?" asked Breen. "Roll call," said Ohm. "Started the car. Got logged onto the computer. Started answering calls right away. It was a typical, routine day. I was about two blocks away when the call came in. So, I was very close. Basically I walked in front of an apartment complex. At that point, since we didn't know that much about the call, I decided I would wait for another officer. He came out of a little walkway at that point. He did have his hands in his pockets. I asked him to remove his hands, and he comply with me. The next thing I remember, he's running at me, and I see a gun in my face. At that point, I made a decision that I was going to fight with him for the gun to try and defend myself. At that point, I heard two shots. I knew I'd been shot at least once. The next thing I remember is I see him running down the road. I remember getting up and standing up on the sidewalk and looking at him. At that point I got on my radio."

Ohm's cries for help were caught on the recording of all emergency traffic in Sioux City. "Help!" Ohm exclaimed in the recording of her frantic call into dispatch. "Police down, police down!"

Ohm described what she felt at that moment. "My throat was felling a little tight, and I could tell I was bleeding," said Ohm. "I did get down on all fours to spit out some blood so I could talk in the radio. They were asking questions, and I was still trying to get stuff out." "You had said you looked at yourself in the driver's side window of your squad car to get an idea of how badly you'd been hurt," Breen said. "What did you see?" "It almost looked like a zit with a scab on it, except it was bleeding," Ohm said. "From what I understand, it went in the chin, it traveled under the tongue, nicked my larynx, and then moved back into some soft tissue near my spinal cord."

The bullet is still lodged near her spinal cord. "What was it like when you saw the other officers, McCormick and Mueller, show up on scene? Breen asked. "A lot of relief," Ohm said. "They put me in the back of the ambulance, and I told them, 'Hey guys, we gotta go'. I knew I had a few minutes, so I pulled out my cell phone to tell my parents that they needed to come to Mercy."

Ohm called her father, first. "What did you tell him? asked Breen. "'Dad, I've ben shot, go to Mercy'," said Ohm. And he said, 'What?' My parents said that was the longest drive to Mercy. But, I said, 'you got my phone call, so you knew that I made it'. One of the nurses came over, took my hand, and said 'hey, we're going to intubate you, and we're going to give you some medicine'. That's pretty much the last thing I remember."

"What was it like when you woke up? asked Breen. "My fiancé was standing there," Ohm said. "He plays in a band. And, I kinds made a guitar motion, because he plays guitar. I thought it was Saturday. I got shot on Friday, and he was supposed to play on Saturday night. I just thought it was Saturday. He looked at me and shook his head and said, 'don't worry about that'. Little did I know that it was Wednesday... Tuesday or Wednesday when I woke up and started knowing what was going on."

"The recovery you've had to go through has been intense," Breen said. "You've had several surgeries." "They did such a good job with the reconstruction of my jaw," Ohm said. "Pain wise, I haven't had a whole lot. It's been relatively good."

"You've been through so much," Breen said. "You've had so much support from your brothers and sisters in blue, and the community, what do you want to say to them?" "Especially my family, and my fiancé's family, and the community and the department, just thank you for your support," Ohm said.

Officer Ohm was set to get married just two weeks after she was shot. Ohm, and her fiancé, who also works for the Sioux City Police Department, have rescheduled their wedding for February 21st.

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