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Denison, IA wants a city-wide Wi-Fi cloud

DENISON, Iowa (KTIV) - The community of Denison, Iowa is working hard to launch themselves into the future; the technological future, that is.

The city is looking at creating a city-wide Wi-Fi cloud for the citizens, as well as the community's industries.

Mayor Brad Bonner says he got the idea when talking to the school district. Their schools have a one to one computer program, which means the students all have a laptop, but he discovered that 40-percent of the students didn't have an internet connection at home.

Bonner says it's very much in the preliminary planning stages, but they're excited about the prospect.

"One of the things that I recognized is that telecommunications has become a necessary utility. Just as much as electricity or water are essential, so is telecommunication and internet," Bonner said.

Bonner says he's creating a committee to figure out the possibility of a cloud in Denison.

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