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Governor Branstad reads to students over Skype for "Community Reader Day"

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - Using Skype, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad read to about 300 students at Spalding Park Elementary School, Thursday afternoon.

It was part of the school's "Community Reader Day" where students learned about the importance of reading.

He read a excerpts from a book about previous Governor Robert Ray as well as a book about poverty.

"Not everyday you get the governor to read to you," said fourth grader Evelyn Tidwell. "And even if he's not here in person, I mean we got to Skype with him. That's still pretty cool."

Some lucky students were even able to ask Branstad questions after the reading.

They asked him questions about his job as governor.

Teachers say having important figures read to students shows them why they should read, too.

"Just knowing how important reading is to every job, every aspect of our life, then left kids know why it is the teacher's push so hard to get them to read," said Spalding Park Elementary School fourth grade teacher Krista Benson.

KTIV's own Tiffany Lane also read to students at at Spalding Park Elementary School.

She read Dr. Seuss' popular "Green Eggs and Ham" to Ms. Kentner's second grade class.
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