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Law enforcement officials share St. Patrick's Day safety tips


With St. Patrick's Day a few hours away, law enforcement officials are encouraging drivers to stay safe while still enjoying the holiday.

Woodbury County Sheriff Dave Drew says there will be extra patrol cars out to make sure people aren't drinking and driving.

He says county won't set up road blocks, but will do random traffic stops.

If you drink, and the drive, Drew says you risk harming yourself, or others.

"We just don't want somebody to get injured or killed in an accident or hit some family on the way home," said Drew.

Iowa State Patrol Trooper John Farley says they will be in areas where more people will be out tomorrow.

He says there are many ways people can drink and stay safe at the same time.

"If you're going to drink, make sure you have a designated driver," said Farley. "Make sure that you're not doing the binge drinking. Make sure you're allowing yourself to have a good entertainment time without getting intoxicated."

For people who plan on drinking, there is also the option of calling a cab.

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