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Union County gives a flood insurance update


Union County, South Dakota is at risk of being placed on probation and losing flood insurance if it doesn't act quickly.

The county has until May 18th to correct issues and enforce floodplain management regulations that follow the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968.

This includes engineering and survey work as well as pictures that need to be taken of lower levels of homes in floodplains.

Union County Zoning Director Dennis Henze says he is not worried about getting the information in on time to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

"I plan to have it there way prior to the May 18th deadline, except for some things that are out of my control like these homeowners that are gone that may not be accessible, and that'll just have to be explained to FEMA," said Henze. "And hopefully we can work something out."

If the county is put on probation, property owners will still be able to purchase and renew flood insurance coverage.

But there will be a $50 additional charge to each policy starting on May 18th.

If Union County does not address floodplain violations and program deficiencies, it could lead to suspension, which means the county could lose federally backed flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program.

This would prevent owners from purchasing and renewing flood insurance.

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