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Siouxland Habitat For Humanity provides a Sioux City family with a fresh new start

Kristan Gomez, her husband Cesar Becerra and their three young children will be moving into a new home soon thanks to the Siouxland Habitat for Humanity.

Monday they celebrated the groundbreaking of the location of where their new home will be in North Sioux City, South Dakota.

"Not a lot of people get this opportunity," said Gomez. "And even to mention it's a brand new home. We worked hard for it and we can't wait to actually have the keys to it and to show the kids their rooms."

Habitat For Humanity provides homes for qualifying low to moderate income families.

Gomez says her family was struggling to find a new home and was told about the organization from a friend that went through the program.

But the homes are not just given to people.

The families, referred to as partner families, must complete sweat equity hours where they volunteer in different jobs, including working at other building sites or plowing snow.

"They've completed all 500 of their sweat equity hours," said Siouxland Habitat For Humanity executive director Katie Roberts. "Now they're just waiting on the home. So the faster we can find support for them from the community, the faster we can get this home built. The faster we can get them into the home that they so need."

Gomez says working for the home makes it more meaningful.

"You put more value into it," said Gomez. "You feel like it's yours because you work so hard for it. It's not just given to you. I think it's a difference when something's given to you and when you work for it."

Roberts says she hopes the new home will be built in time for Christmas for Gomez and her family.

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