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Walker: People looking for presidential candidate "who doesn't just talk about it, someone who's done it"


The list of Republicans running for president is still short, and includes just three names. But, many more are considering a White House bid. That includes Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who spoke to a room packed with Republicans, in Sheldon, Iowa, Friday night.

Walker says he gets asked a lot about his presidential aspirations. There's good reason. He's in Iowa, which is home to the first-in-the-nation caucus, and he's already opened an office in Des Moines. That said, the two-term Wisconsin governor will wait until after the state legislature adjourns, in June, to announce his plans. "People are hungry," said Gov. Scott Walker, (R) Wisconsin. "They're looking for someone new and fresh. They're looking for someone from outside of Washington with big, bold ideas. And probably most importantly they're looking for someone who doesn't just talk about it. Someone who's done it."

If Walker were to run for president, his campaign would boil down to three things. The first is growth. "Talking about our ideas to help grow the economy because it's not enough to just balance the budget," said Walker. Walker says he wants to help hard-working Americans get jobs that pay a higher wage.

The Republican also wants reform. "Taking big chunks of power out of Washington, and putting it back in the states," said Walker.

Lastly, Walker wants to focus on safety. "I'm talking about taking on radical Islamic terrorism," Walker said. "Taking the threat to them before they bring the threat to us." He says that will ensure all Americans are safe.

If he runs for president, Walker's focus would be on Iowa, and it's first-in-the-nation caucus. But, it doesn't end there. "Our commitment would be all the way through November of 2016," Walker said. "I firmly believe the pathway to the next Republican president goes through the Midwest. That means doing well in Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio."

Walker is one of nine Republicans that will take part in a candidate forum in a Des Moines suburb, on Saturday. That's a full nine months before the Iowa Caucus, which shows how wide open this presidential race really is.

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