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LAKES AREA NEWS: Study ranks Iowa #1 in wind energy production

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A new study authored by the Iowa Wind Energy Association shows Iowa is leading the nation for wind power. The association's President, Mike Prior, says more than 28 percent of the energy generated in Iowa now comes from the wind.

”And by the end of 2015, our expected megawatt total will be 6,300, which will be over about 30 percent of our entire generation for the state of Iowa that will come from wind energy,” Prior said.

Prior says the fact Iowa is leading the way in wind energy production should come as no surprise, given the good wind resources, supportive lawmakers and policies.

Prior adds the abundance of wind power has made it possible for Iowa to have electric rates that are below the national average.

Prior says the industry employs about 6,000 Iowans, and landowners receive more than 16 million dollars annually in wind turbine land-lease payments. In Dickinson county, a significant number of wind turbines recently went on the tax rolls, generating a substantial amount of tax revenue for the county.

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