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ARCHIVE STORY: Donald Trump talks politics with Siouxlanders


"United States is a dumping ground," says Donald Trump.

Businessman Donald Trump is talking about illegal immigration. One of many topics he discussed while visiting Sioux City's Morningside College on Saturday.

Trump says he considering running for the Republican nomination for President.

"In my own mind, I've already made up my mind," says Trump.

However, before he makes that announcement, he's telling Siouxlanders why the next president shouldn't be a politician, but rather a businessman.

"I mean you've got people that got fired from their job and ran for office and lost and now their running for president, okay, that's what the credentials are," says Trump.

He says politicians are easily persuaded by money, but says that doesn't work on him.

"I'll do the right thing," says Trump. "Cause, I have a lot of money and I'm not looking for money to run. I'm not sitting over here saying, 'Sam, if you give me $2000, I'm indebted to you for the rest of my life,' I don't need it. You see it with Hillary with the foundation, everybody gives money and they think they have access to everything else. It's terrible. So, with me it's different."

Trump says his job is to take things that are broken and fix them... something he says he would do if elected president.

"I'll take care of our vets and I'll take care of our military and nobody's going to mess with us, that I can tell you," says Trump.

Trump says come June, he'll make the announcement on whether or not he will be running for office.

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