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Shot dog found in Sergeant Bluff, IA brickyard


Trooper is a one-year-old chocolate lab mix that became the victim of a bullet wound after being shot in the leg on Saturday, May 30th.

He is now under the care of Noah's Hope Animal Rescue, that is based in Sioux City.

Trooper underwent surgery to determine whether his leg must be amputated or if it will be able to heal.

"I think he'll be just fine, you know dogs can survive on three legs," said Noah's Hope Animal Rescue co-founder Brenda Iwen. "The only reason why we would really like to save the leg is because he's so young and for a big dog to only have one back leg is a lot of wear and tear."

Iwen says the animal rescue was contacted late afternoon Saturday by the Sergeant Bluff Police Department about a dog that had been found.

Sergeant Bluff Police officials say he was located at the Sioux City Brick and Tile brickyard in Sergeant Bluff.

"If he was shot in the county, it's legal to do that, to shoot the dogs," said Iwen. "And so there's really, to have an investigation, there's not really any reason to because there's nothing that would be done if we did find the people."

Iwen says authorities were contacted by an employee who found the dog bleeding under a bucket on front of a tractor used to move brick.

"I do not know who the employee was that found him, but they did what they needed to do as far as contacting the police," said Iwen. "I feel Trooper would have bled to death if they wouldn't have called the police, and the police wouldn't have contacted us."

Iwen says they do not know why Trooper was shot .

But she says it's not completely uncommon for dogs to be shot in rural areas if they get into farmers' livestock.

She says she is is hoping for his full recovery.

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