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Pilger, Nebraska will hold weekend of events to give thanks


On June 16, 2014 an EF-4 tornado ripped through the small town of Pilger, Nebraska killing two people and injuring about 20.

There was massive destruction along main street and in residential areas.

Just a year later, the village has seen significant progress and is looking to celebrate those who helped get it where it is.

The title is Pilger RE, which stands for Rebuilding, Resilience and Recovery.

"It says celebration in the title but it's not so much just to celebrate, it's to say that we survived and we've made it through the year and it's because of all the overwhelming support that we have gotten over the last year that we look like we are today," said Pilger RE co-chairman Angela Denton.

The village will hold events from Friday, June 12th through the Sunday the 14th.

One of the main events will be a groundbreaking for Midwest Bank on Main Street, one of the main areas destroyed in the tornado.

"We're really excited about it," said Pilger's Village Clerk Kimberly Neiman. "They're also going to have a drive-thru which that's new to Pilger. We've never had a drive-thru bank. And it'll be so great to have part of our Pilger family back, which is the bank people."

Employees from the previous Pilger bank are currently working at the Wisner, Nebraska branch.

Another event that will be going on over that weekend is a flag dedication in front of the Pilger Library Sunday.

The American Legion Riders out of Omaha fundraised for a community flagpole that will have a tree city USA flag.

A tree city USA flag used to be in front of the Wisner Pilger Middle School that was destroyed by the tornado.

The flagpole will also have an American flag.

"The American flag is strength," said Neiman. "It shows strength and we have strength here in Pilger. And it's very meaningful to us because you know we're part of the United States."

The pool located by the temporary village clerk's office will also host multiple events throughout the weekend.

For anyone interested in going to the events, there is a link to the full schedule here: https://www.facebook.com/PilgerRECelebration

The weekend is open to everyone and not just Pilger residents.

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