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A look back at the EF-4 tornado that killed two people


The mid-June 2014 tornado took the life of two people and injured around two dozen more.

Stanton County Sheriff Mike Unger says, 4 year-old Cali Murphree was found 25 yards away from her mother.

She was described as "barely alive" when spotted by Sheriff Unger and rescue team members.

Unfortunately, the 4 year-old died at Norfolk Regional Hospital later that day.

The other individual to die in the tornado was 74 year-old, David Herout of Clakson, NE.

The veteran and former postal worker was traveling just east of Pilger on old Highway 8.

His car was struck by the second of the twin tornadoes and killed immediately.

"The community is moving forward, but it's going to take time, which we knew. In the days after the incident, command team that I was part of- we worked for the immediate needs, but we knew that the long term recovery is going to take time. It's not going to happen in a year or even two or three year time frame. But, the emotions are the same anytime you loose a life or you see people suffering-it's hard, because I know these people," said Sheriff Mike Unger.

Sheriff Unger says he's never seen or experienced anything like the June 2014 storms throughout his 22 year tenure as Sheriff.

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